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Erica Nyden




War. Love. Perseverance.

Just weeks after the Nazis begin their brutal air attack on London, twenty-one-year-old nurse Olivia Talbot is sent to remote Cornwall to care for the blind and embittered Major William Morgan, former prisoner of war.

Major Morgan challenges Olivia's innate bedside manner with harsh words and ingratitude, but she persists. Her tenacity and courage force him to reckon with his demons and awakens his will to live. Against the backdrop of peaceful Keldor, the major's family estate, a budding friendship blossoms into an unexpected romance.

Now, as war ramps up across Europe, harsh realities intrude. An unwelcome guest visits Keldor, reviving William's inner soldier. Olivia is caught in an air raid, causing William to act on a decision that changes their future forever.

When war comes close to taking everything Olivia holds dear--including her belief that she'll see William again--can she resurrect the strength she is known for and soldier on without him?


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Erica Nyden first discovered the enchanting landscape of Cornwall in Daphne DuMaurier novels when she was fourteen years old. An avid reader of books that bring to life the struggles of everyday people during extraordinary times, she decided to write her own after visiting Cornwall's

windswept coastline--the perfect setting for her debut historical romance novel, Soldier On.

When Erica's not writing, she's in the classroom teaching third grade or enjoying the beauty of Central Oregon where she lives with her husband.

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“Soldier On is a well-researched and lovingly-crafted historical drama. William, a Netflix-worthy leading man, wondrously absorbs his nurse, Olivia, and the rest of us, into his thought-provoking, heart-rending, and highly entertaining journey. In the backdrop of World War II, several characters have internal wars to fight. Their passion and tenacity will keep you gripped. I couldn’t put this book down. I finished it in two days.”~Aimee, Goodreads reviewer

“This book is absolutely beautiful! Lovely setting, engaging characters and a captivating story! Buy it right now!”~Susan, Amazon Reviewer

Absolutely wonderful. Get your tissues ready and a few hours of alone time because this book will keep you busy!! The characters were very believable and interesting. The war years are so interesting to me because my parents lived through that hard time. Thank you, Ms. Nyden ~Nancy, Amazon Reviewer

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